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“My family and myself cannot thank all of you enough for your kindness.”

“As I battle this cancer I have seen such positive things. Your help has eased my mind and allowed me to concentrate on my battle with this disease. I am truly grateful for your help during this difficult time.”

“Just a note of thanks and gratitude for all of the assistance given to me this year especially the Thanksgiving Market Basket Gift Card and the Walmart Christmas Gift Card. They were unexpected and greatly appreciated!”

“It is Organizations such as yours that make the Journey of Living with Cancer a little easier for those of us that are affected by it.”

“I can’t begin to express how surprised and grateful I was to receive the Market Basket Gift Card!”

“Thanks to all your members for their time and generosity!”

“I am still battling my cancer – good days and bad. Your kind generosity makes the battle a little easier.”

“Thank you ever so much for paying my December rent and also the Walmart Gift Card. It was very thoughtful and much appreciated.”

“Thank you for paying a month’s rent for me. I have started Chemo again and pray that it will be successful!”

“Keep up the good work! Having to take care of a loved one with Cancer or any terminal illness is hard. I’m glad there is a local organization that helps families with limited funds.”